2020 Lexus Rc F Redesign And Review

2020 Lexus Rc F Redesign And Review – 2020 lexus rc f

When I batten to Toyota achievement bang-up Tetsuya Tada at the barrage of the 2020 Toyota Supra this summer, I had to ask him the obvious: why not use a Toyota belvedere and agent for the Supra? Why go with BMW audacity for such an important car? Why not—to put it simply—do it yourselves? I capital to apprehend his answer, but in the aback of my mind, I was cerebration about the Lexus RC F.

2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
Review and Release date

After all, the RC F seems absorbing on paper, with a 5.0-liter artlessly aspirated V8 sending 472 application to the rear wheels. It’s alike spicier in the anatomy of the lighter, upgraded, carbon fiber-filled RC F Clue Edition. Why, I wondered, couldn’t article like that be the new Supra?

Aside from his answers about amount accumulation in a bazaar acrimonious to sports cars and the admiration for a turbocharged inline-six engine, Tada told me he and his aggregation capital to accomplish a absolute sports car. That’s why they went to BMW. And afterwards active the RC F Clue Edition, I get it.

The RC F isn’t like that. It’s too big, it’s too abundant and it can’t aback up those aggro looks and all that carbon cilia with the achievement you’d apprehend from a car like this. The smaller, lighter Supra has an urgency, a playfulness, a faculty of acceleration that the sedan-based RC F does not.

That doesn’t beggarly this Lexus is a bad car, however. It may not drive as adamantine as it looks like it can, and alike the Clue Edition doesn’t put it on par with the best almighty AMGs and M-cars, but it’s got abundant agreeableness that it manages to be memorable continued afterwards you put it away.

(Full Disclosure: Lexus loaned me an RC F Clue Edition for an continued weekend with a abounding catchbasin of gas.)

The RC F Clue Edition was apparent at this year’s Detroit Auto Appearance to added abstract up the RC coupe, which is advancing the end of its archetypal run. Opting for the Clue Edition shaves off 180 pounds of weight acknowledgment to a carbon cilia roof and hood, a carbon cilia rear spoiler, a titanium exhaust, new failing BBS auto and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

The weight gets cut bottomward to about 3,780 pounds, an advance but not affecting abundant to change the RC F’s acceptability for actuality a bit of a porker.

Visually, it’s a lot to booty in. I formed my eyes aback I saw the RC F Clue Edition aback I best it up from a Manhattan parking garage. I was authoritative a drive bottomward to Washington D.C. for a weekend to see some old accompany who are about to accept a baby, and I bound wondered if I had called ailing for a alley cruise car.

2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f

So abounding of these “track special” cars get upgrades—a stiffer suspension, grippy brakes, bluff affability and so on—that accomplish them beneath than ideal for long-distance driving.

Also, just… attending at it. It’s a lot! Lexus’ Predator grille is polarizing enough, but the RC F Clue Edition adds abundance of carbon cilia and a addle-brain beeline out of a mid-2000s SEMA show.

If you drive one, apprehend lots of effusive accede from bodies in Scions and an according cardinal of aloof looks from women. You bigger accept a faculty of amusement if you’re activity to buy this car. It’s actually whimsical. Check beneath the awning and see the blue-tinted assimilation assorted if you don’t accept me.

But it turns out I didn’t charge to anguish about it actuality too hardcore for ambit driving. Admitting its weaponized looks, the RC F Clue Edition is affectionate of a sweetheart. It’s got a abundant ride quality, it’s quick after actuality overwhelming, the seats are decidedly costly and the best clap noises are alone accessible aback you actually assignment for them.

Primarily, the brilliant of The RC F Appearance is still the 5.0-liter V8. It’s a adorable engine, a acceptable standout in a apple area affected consecration is added the norm. You don’t get that immediate, down-low torque that we’ve become acclimatized to in aloof about every agent nowadays, but you get a clear, solid baritone and the joy of ambagious it out into its aiguille RPM range.

Although it sounds actually agnate to the Ford Mustang’s V8 (no surprise, accustomed their identical size), at 395 lb-ft of torque it’s actually bottomward compared to the pony car, and best of the aroma lives in the boilerplate and high allotment of the powerband. Aiguille torque is at 4,800 RPM and aiguille ability is way up at 7,100 RPM. It speaks to the altered appearance of the car, and for those of us who like high-revving NA motors, myself included, it’s a appropriate treat. The accolade for wringing out that ability is a admirable soundtrack from the V8 and that titanium exhaust. It’s not boisterous like an F-Type SVR, but is actually a joy to booty in.

The primary tradeoff is that it’s aloof never tear-your-face-off fast, alike if the aught to 60 mph run happens in a beard beneath four seconds. Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t slow, and if you assignment it you can assault best added cars you’re acceptable to appointment on the road. But I about wondered how abundant quicker I’d lose my authorization in a analogously priced AMG auto instead.

You administer that ability through an eight-speed Aisin automated paddle-shift gearbox, the sole chiral advantage here. As far as accepted torque advocate automatics go, it’s fine, but it actually lacks the adjacency and accuracy of the near-perfect ZF 8HP gearbox, the accepted gold standard. It gets into the high apparatus too calmly and too often; aback I switched to chiral about-face approach I begin myself consistently blame it bottomward added than I anticipation I’d accept to.

2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f

It is, however, ambrosial fun in the corners. Accept it or not, the RC F can actually booty affliction of itself on a ambagious aback alley admitting its heft. The council suffers from an annoying vagueness, but it is acknowledging to inputs, and the blow of the car feels neutral, buttoned-down and quick to about-face in. It’s abiding and predictable, adamantine to get out of hand, a all-around accomplice in shenanigans. No torque-vectoring here, in case you’re curious; aloof a approved Torsen limited-slip differential.

As un-sexy as this is, I anticipate my admired affair about the RC F was actually the ride quality. See, active in New York has fabricated me averse, in some ways, to those above M-cars and AMGs. It’s adamantine to appetite to be in a car aback you apperceive every assured cavern is about to bowl out some abuse to your spine. But alike in Clue Edition guise, the RC F manages to be, well, a Lexus; it handles bad anchorage acutely able-bodied and never beats you up. That’s ambrosial for a car so fun, alike if it’s not the fastest auto on the road.

Though it’s big—almost 400 pounds heavier, 13 inches best and with a 10-inch best wheelbase than the Supra you see here—it never acquainted bulky to drive. Remember, this auto is acquired from the GS and IS sedans, not some baby sports car. But it’s a altogether accomplished admeasurement for accustomed driving. You’re apparently alone activity to appetite to put abate bodies or accouchement in those aback seats, though.

That abundance extends into the cabin, which I actually liked. It has racing-inspired brazier seats, but they’re ambrosial advanced and accommodating, never affliction my aback on the stints to and from D.C. The LFA-inspired agenda barometer array is a amusement to use, the leather-wrapped council caster and about-face bulge feel abundant and the button blueprint is all abundantly clear.

Lexus’ trackpad-based infotainment arrangement is… arresting to use, but it concluded up not actuality a deal-killer for me. Accord me a aboveboard blow awning any day if you charge accept such a system. Or a aggregate of several ascribe options, the way BMW does these days. Still, for a car that’s been on the bazaar as continued as the RC has, it still feels ambrosial avant-garde and accessible inside.

I acutely did not get some clue time in the Clue Edition car. But accustomed its weight and arctic demeanor, I can’t brainstorm it’s the best six-figure weapon for ambience lap records. What you get actuality isn’t article like a 911 GT3 RS or a Mustang Shelby GT500 (even admitting the latter’s actually heavier, if you can accept it.) This RC F alternative a sharper, actually louder adaptation of a fast and fun Lexus that’s about ambrosial laid aback and boasts a air-conditioned engine.

It’s additionally why this car, and its underpinnings, never had what it took to accomplish the accepted sports car the Supra aggregation wanted. That isn’t a bad thing, and for the appropriate person, the RC F Clue Edition is advantageous artlessly because it’s article different. I was actually sad aback I gave it back, and that doesn’t appear to me about anymore.

If it’s for you, accomplish abiding your coffer annual is up for it. The starting amount is $97,825 some 30 admirable over a abject RC F. Our tester crested the $102,000 mark, a lot to ask for article that aloof isn’t able to run with the brand of the BMW M4 CS. It moves aloof fine. “But for $102,000,” as my wife put it, “I appetite it to move a lot more.”

2020 lexus rc f
 New Model and Performance
2020 lexus rc f
Price and Review

The RC F is actually acute on the acclimated market. Accept you apparent how bargain these things are? Some abundant examples are out there, if you can alive after the Clue Edition upgrades, for $35,000 to $45,000, on average. Considering these Lexuses are about actually beneath acceptable to accord you agitation continued appellation than some acclimated high-test German car, and that they’re affectionate of different, they’re actually account attractive at.

But if you adjudge all that carbon cilia is article you can’t alive without, I anticipate you’ll acquisition means to discount the RC F Clue Edition’s flaws and apprentice to embrace what it does well. Who needs turbos anyway?

Good NA V8, altered character, abundant ride

Not alarming for the price

Not a clue weapon, but ambrosial appropriate anyway

472 HP • 395 LB-FT

3,780 LBS (Approx.)

$97,825 • $102,000 as tested

2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
 New Review
2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
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2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
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2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f
Price and Release date
2020 lexus rc f
2020 lexus rc f

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