Mercedes Yeni E Serisi 2020 Exterior

Mercedes Yeni E Serisi 2020 Exterior – mercedes yeni e serisi 2020

These were amid sales afresh recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To acquisition auction and appraisal annal for homes in Prince William and abroad in the Washington area, appointment

mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
 First Drive
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
Release Date

Bristow AreaANDREW HUMPHREYS CT., 10568-Centex Homes to Rosa and Melvin Estrada, $637,800. CASCADE FALLS DR., 9203-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Dawn Catreena and David John Costanzo, $442,900.

CATLETTS STATION CT., 10868-Centex Homes to Barbara J. and David Bryant, $689,680.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12012-Robert W. Kitchen to Melissa L. Cottingham, $325,000.

CROSSMAN CREEK WAY, 12777-Richmond American Homes to Shirley M. and John M. Dominick, $693,945.

DARTON WOODS LOOP, 12324-Sharon L. and Milton O. Castillo to Fajardo Guerra, $399,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8779-Susan M. Anderson and D.G. Anderson to Daniela M. and Helen Marcela Taborga, $359,900.

ELLISTON CT., 10101-Rachel B. Ryan and Daniel I. Ryan to Luis Zapata, $500,000.

EREDINE WAY, 9516-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Paula Rhea, $381,310.

EREDINE WAY, 9545-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to M. Lorraine and Eldon G. Ehlers, $447,169.

EREDINE WAY, 9561-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Mohamed and Rabia Derder Sellami, $554,915.

ERROLL LANE, 12506-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Juan O. Quiroz, $613,915.

ERROLL LANE, 12524-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Shufang Pu and Hongquan She, $573,565.

ERROLL LANE, 12529-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Maria D. and Jorge A. Guervara, $641,490.

ETTA PL., 12062-E. Harris and Shirley Harris to Georgana and Isabelito B. Engelhardt, $364,050.

FALLING WATER DR., 9374-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to John N. Alexiades, $661,140.

LOMA DR., 9582-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to Rogelio and Herminio Madera, $668,490.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10053-Joseph A. Geer to Brandi Marie Haskins, $305,900.

NEWTONMORE PL., 13681-NVR Inc. to Elena A. and Jaime Perilla, $803,790.

ORMOND DR., 13204-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Margaret N. Hornbrook, $375,900.

ORMOND DR., 13220-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Sandra West Moshos, $389,900.

PLACID LAKE CT., 8633-Richmond American Homes to Ai Jiang Shu and Chun Mu Tai, $614,440.

PLACID LAKE CT., 8649-Richmond American Homes to Verna E.P. and Bienvenido F. Noblezada, $663,690.

ROBERT E. LEE DR., 11768-Centex Homes to Luz Maria Estes, $491,400.

ROBERT E. LEE DR., 11772-Centex Homes to Jason J. and Karla E. Latona, $454,433.

RUSTIC BREEZE CT., 9341-Richmond American Homes to Florentina Rehanek and Gabriel Ruiz, $685,540.

SPINDLE FOOT CT., 10033-Cynthia T. Curran to Susan M. and John D. Tansill, $575,000.

TAY CREEK DR., 9558-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to John A. Reif and Eve E. Winkler, trustees, $410,610.

UNDERWOOD CT., 12001-Susan E. Fitzgerald and David C. Fitzgerald to Gunjan and Sanjai Sharma, $580,000.

VANTAGE POINT CT., 12016-Colleen M. Chesley and Michael R. Chesley to Maria R. and Charles R. Coderko, $558,000.

WALTER TAYLOR RD., 10906-Centex Homes to Curtis W. and Barbara Ann Hoffman, $778,925.

WHITWORTH CANNON LANE, 11825-Centex Homes to Diana I.A. and Jeronimo I. Cox, $386,700.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12815-Joyce A. Cappiccille and Robert M. Cappiccille to Jose Alfaro and Ricardo Palma, $415,000.

Catharpin AreaDOMINIQUE ESTATES LANE, 12800-NVR Inc. to Shamim N. Ismail and Ali M. Imam, $1.202 million.

Dale City AreaABBOTT CT., 4680-Gayle D. and Stanley R. Miller to Dalila Hernandez and Oscar F. Campos, $539,900. ADAMS ST., 2903-Karl E. Gansberg to Sharon A. and Lawrence P. Levy, $329,000.

ANDERSON CT., 14820-Debra A. Adams and James B. Adams Jr. to Luis Torres and Zarita M. Bernedo, $292,000.

ANDERSON CT., 14831-David T. Bevis to Moutez Naddour, $272,000.

BERKLEY LANE, 3212-Santos Bonilla to Artilio Franco Vilche, $375,000.

BEVANWOOD DR., 15362-Carmen and Felix Merino to Marcos Antonio Cruz and Rosa I. Vasquez, $560,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15257-Jennifer J. and Jonathan Wilson to Ana Z. Barrera, $359,900.

BRONCO WAY, 15353-Bruce Collins to Christian Lamptey, $360,000.

BUFFALO CT., 3514-Henry Pabon and Milton Suarez to Jose J. and Ingrid Karina Andrade, $300,000.

CARDIN PL., 15033-Zainab Y. and Henry C. Nahra to Lili Negewo, $341,000.

CASTLEBRIDGE LANE, 13595-Alice L. and Earl L. Barnes to Francisca and Edgar Delao, $510,000.

CRANMER MEWS, 3510-Amada G. Depedreschi and Maria E. Pedreschi to Nancy G. Riega and Carlos A. Stucchi, $315,000.

CUMMINGS CT., 14940-Carmen S. Beamon to Alexander Owen, $400,000.

DEL MAR DR., 14530-Harriet Wellington Apprey to Jorge E. Montano, $459,000.

DELANEY RD., 13515-Maria and Alejandro Vargas to Jose Raul Mejia, $470,000.

DIXON CT., 14805-Millennium Associates to Luis E. Linares, $390,000.

EDSALL DR., 4516-Wendy L. Bassie and Steven W. Bassie to Nancy Ann and Kirk Sedgwick Johnson, $564,900.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3553-Kelly L. and Richard A. O’Connor to Theo S. Abramovich and Cathy S. Kitchell, $300,000.

GREENMOUNT DR., 15074-Meenakshi Bhardwaj and Vipan Kumar to Dargely and Mark W. Maxwell, $645,000.

GUNSTON CT., 4205-Jose D. Zelaya Jr. to Oscar Ayala Vasquez, $325,000.

HADDOCK RD., 13310-Sonia and Salome Ramos to Juan Ramon Guevara, $345,000.

HEDRICK LANE, 4747-Melissa Dawn Hunsberger to Laura and Denis Arnez, $270,225.

HILLENDALE DR., 13411-Marie C. Carmichael to Carlos Bonilla, $340,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13601-Jae O. Ko to Lahr Un Yon, $417,000.

LADINO CT., 3327-Lawrence T. Williams to Tina B. and Freddie J. Privette, $96,606.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13911-Erica Y. and Tony R. Ingram to Donald D. Ratterree Jr., $319,300.

MARILYN CT., 13733-Edith E. Cartagena to Leonor Zelaya, $415,000.

MOONBEAM DR., 5871-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Courtney N. Griffith, $519,000.

NOTTINGDALE DR., 13107-Kristina L. and Robert J. Fregon to Omar Sorto and Luz Marina Lopez, $444,000.

PONHILL DR., 6076-Josie and David Stevenson to Freda A. Savage, $400,000.

PORTLAND DR., 5807-Barbara K. and Ronald W. Baldwin to Naomi Singleton, $408,000.

QUATE LANE, 13205-Ridgedale Inc. to Wilfredo and Luis A. Rios, $798,710.

QUATE LANE, 13534-Marie A. Taylor and James Strans to Armando Mondragon, $565,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5783-Angela N. and Hewitt T. Doane to Wilmer Mendoza, $447,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 5824-Richard L. Braun to Jefferson Group Corp., $365,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5619-Margaret E. Ruhe to Victor Sejas, $399,000.

SENTRY LANE, 5313-Shelly and Sherae Ellison to Frankie M. Murphy, $295,000.

SHADYBROOK DR., 5588-Maria Addy and Dante P. Renteria to Anne Morvel, $412,000.

STATLER DR., 14827-Karima and Ibrahim Beg to Erika F. and Marvin R. Alfaro, $515,000.

mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020

WAYNESBORO CT., 4140-Mun Suk and Young Doo Choi to Rina G. Zelaya, $615,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 15042-Amanda S. and Mark A. Heim to Mata Yeni Arely Maldonado, $395,000.

Dumfries AreaASHGROVE DR., 4411-Sandra Stukel and Vernon Joseph Gill to Donna Woitysiak, $470,000.

BELLEPLAIN CT., 3415-Deborah D. and Anthony G. Edwards to Jennifer L. Cook and Peter H. Brawley, $308,000.

CANTON CT., 3360-Robin R. Taylor to Janella S. and Aaron F. Duncan, $320,000.

CROSSCUT LANE, 3359-Kettler Forlines Homes at Princeton to Farooqul Siddique, $519,440.

DESERT PALM CT., 3031-C. and Danny H. Tran to Zena Cobb and Gregory Smith, $599,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 15773-Steven P. Wolanin to Marta and Paul F. Metzler, $399,900.

GOLDEN GATE WAY, 4316-Beazer Homes Corp. to Walid Nazari, $365,000.

GOLDEN GATE WAY, 4330-Beazer Homes Corp. to Choon Kim, $380,000.

GRANT COTTAGE DR., 17407-Centex Homes to Latuita L. and Keith Fore, $429,953.

GRANT COTTAGE DR., 17415-Centex Homes to Ahmed Zekria Mirza, $518,495.

GRANT COTTAGE DR., 17423-Centex Homes to Mario Sanchez, $531,480.

HARPERS FERRY DR., 17604-Centex Homes to Lorie A. and Ryan R. Richardson, $424,291.

HORTON CT., 16961-Centex Homes to Saima R. Malik and Farrukh Ejaz Khan, $657,660.

HORTON CT., 16965-Centex Homes to Gashaw Mekibib and Kidist Tekle, $596,600.

HOT SPRINGS WAY, 17378-Joseph T. Hummel to Patricia M. McGowan and David A. Clark, $380,000.

JASPER LOOP, 4082-Lorpu M. and Marcos J. Matthews to Jennifer Sellier, $318,000.

METHENY PL., 3066-Eleanore F. Walker to Waldo F. Ferreras, $351,500.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16553-Kettler Forlines Homes at Princeton to Kate Brown, $567,679.

SALTWATER DR., 4897-Amy Marie Fisher and Miguel O. Mercado to Matthew J. Hill, $305,500.

SLIGO LOOP, 17302-Willis A. Newton to Ellen Melvin and Jason A. Taylor, $350,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5247-Cecilia M. and Austin B. Carroll to Heather M. and Donald S. Buysse, $356,000.

STREAMSIDE CT., 15219-Raul Remuila Dominquez to Mario E., Fidel A. and Celso W. Berrios, $322,000.

SUMMER DUCK DR., 17549-Washington Homes Inc. of Virginia to Nga and Viet Vu, $598,270.

TALON DR., 4150-Centex Homes to Charles Badu, $653,764.

TALON DR., 4161-Ly Ray to Sadaf and Khalid Mahmood, $588,000.

TALON DR., 4178-Malalai Sherdil to Michelle Lynn Allen, $685,000.

TONY CT., 3347-Thomas C. Robbins to Ernest A. and Vivian A. Danso, $490,000.

VICTORIA FALLS DR., 17540-Beazer Homes Corp. to Steve and Cheryl Furman, $456,046.

VICTORIA FALLS DR., 17554-Beazer Homes Corp. to Doris and Robert Boucher, $445,000.

VICTORIA FALLS DR., 17562-Beazer Homes Corp. to Edward R. and Robin Lester, $412,000.

WINDING CREEK DR., 15578-Christopher Howard to Genevieve Bangoura and Mohamed Condah, $359,990.

WINDSONG LANE, 15433-Patricia G. Hall to Kevin A. Lafata, $315,000.

Gainesville AreaALTENBURY LOOP, 5504-NVR Inc. to Desiree M. and Eli G. Rejeili, $765,745. ARTHUR HILLS DR., 6748-Donna A. and Charles J. Randall to Gladys M. and Glifford E. Gaskins Sr., $535,000.

ATKINS WAY, 6503-NVR Inc. to Helga Rojas and Alejandro Natusch, $655,640.

BLADEN PL., 7216-NVR Inc. to Peder J. Cross, $675,715.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18096-NVR Inc. to Ronald C. Rush, $625,565.

CATBIRD DR., 14256-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Kathryn A. and Richard A. Jardine, $596,570.

CATBIRD DR., 14272-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Ronald Floyd and Janine Elyce Meriweather, $596,030.

CATBIRD DR., 14276-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Richa and Surendra Upadhaya, $548,090.

CATBIRD DR., 14284-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Lily Teshome and Abiy T. Metchia, $591,290.

COLLINGHAM PL., 14554-Sana Kargar to Stacey and Robert Smallfield, $525,000.

DANEHURST CIR., 15078-Brandon J. Flasco and Sean C. Neumann to Francesca D. and Robert L. Klingensmith, $420,000.

DEBHILL LANE, 6518-NVR Inc. to Chad A. Baird, $758,741.

GALLANT FOX CT., 6047-U.S. Home Corp. to Marian M. and Richard J. Walker, $450,000.

GALLANT FOX CT., 6051-U.S. Home Corp. to Paula L. and Stephen A. Miller, $430,000.

JUNCO CT., 8958-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Stuart E. Randlett Jr., $590,425.

LOFTRIDGE LANE, 17097-NVR Inc. to Wing Kit and Po Chun Leung, $576,180.

PADDOCK CT., 13700-Ann H. Alexander to Joyce A. Pendleton, $499,900.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12128-Richmond American Homes to Esmeralda E. Amaya and Larry H. Blanchard Jr., $589,000.

PRESWELL CT., 6008-NVR Inc. to Lana Shiu Kong and Li Sheng Kong, $617,390.

PRESWELL CT., 6016-NVR Inc. to Mary and Said Aga Garibzada, $616,235.

RIO GRANDE WAY, 7508-D.R. Horton Inc. to Richard B. Glover, $520,985.

RIO GRANDE WAY, 7523-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kerre and Armand Gadoury, $577,910.

SHIRE PL., 13658-Leslie M. and Wade Weber to Elias Moussa, $375,000.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14173-NVR Inc. to Freddy Medina, $782,211.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15671-Gwen and Dimitri Drakopoulos to Susan I. Lucas, $787,000.

STAPLETON PL., 6755-Suzanne Baughan to Adrian N. and Stephen F. Shelton Jr., $645,000.

STERLING POINT DR., 13069-Miok D. Pak and Kangjin D. Lee to Young A. and Sung H. Kim, $600,000.

TRAPHILL WAY, 7239-Johanna Shanley and Brian Westenbroek to Deanna and Peter Shanley, $340,000.

TURNING GRASS WAY, 10533-NVR Inc. to Ziba Fahm, $677,790.

TUXEDO LANE, 15528-QCH Custom Homes Corp. to Vanessa P. and Clarence C. Newby, $818,000.

TYSONS OAKS CT., 8070-Equity Homes Partnership to Agnes K. and Benedict H. Lee, $806,356.

YELLOW HAMMER DR., 8875-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Tej Partap S. Mann, $636,490.

YELLOW HAMMER DR., 8915-Brookfield Morris Corp. to Felix Villarroel, $649,200.

Haymarket AreaAMELIA SPRINGS CIR., 5708-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Cheryl K. and Guy W. Sturms, $500,635.

BERKELEY DR., 15700-Rebecca E. Helme to Rebecca S. and David B. Riddle, $770,000.

BOWERS HILL DR., 5440-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Patricia A. and Jason A. Redding, $668,947.

CABOOSE TRAIL, 14833-Centex Homes to John J. Nadeau and Stephen Anthony Sarto, $538,190.

CHALFONT DR., 14373-Katherine V.K. and Fredrick J. Chronis to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $695,000.

mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
 Price and Review
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
Price and Release date

COMANCHE CT., 6699-Scott A. Jacobs to Joshua K. Compton, $302,000.

FALDO DR., 5132-Dominion Country Club Partnership to John F. Olesak, $549,396.

FAYETTE ST., 6751-Theresa Karnes and Derek Karnes to Amy C. and Joseph A. Moore, $519,000.

GAINES MILL CIR., 14998-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Tanqueen and Jamil A. Malik, $859,109.

GUARD HILL CT., 16050-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Kelly J. and Steven W. Hamric, $1.021 million.

GUARD HILL CT., 16059-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Xiumei Xu, $1.047 million.

JANNEYS MILL CIR., 5701-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Evelyn Robinson and Vernet Jones, $935,953.

KERNSTOWN CT., 5312-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Seong Sook Song and Dai Sung Bong, $667,392.

LOOKOUT RD., 2514-Cynthia D. and Steven H. Kearney to Harold F. Wilkins Jr., $500,000.

OLYMPIA FIELDS PL., 5684-Hyung Keum Moon to Sang Don Han, $598,000.

SOUTHERN CROSSING ST., 14906-Centex Homes to Daniel Alberto Martinez, $522,755.

SOUTHERN CROSSING ST., 14932-Centex Homes to Sherry L. and Jason S. Collins, $480,000.

TINLEY MILL DR., 6037-Sirva Relocation Credit Corp. to Clara L. and Michael B. Ullman, $715,000.

TREVINO DR., 5390-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Georgina Z.B. Soto Rojas and Leopoldo Alonso, $481,139.

YORKTOWN RUN CT., 5355-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Diana C. and Agustin E. Garcia, $663,696.

Lake Ridge AreaANCHORSTONE DR., 5066-Prince William Townhouse Associates Corp. to Barbara Lynn Burwitz and Jacob C. Smoot II, $311,031. ANCHORSTONE DR., 5074-Prince William Townhouse Associates Corp. to In Shik Hong, $567,731.

ANTWERP CT., 4000-Bernadette Walker and Christopher Walker to Perwin Alhakeem, $439,900.

BRACKNELL DR., 3639-Janet R. Anderson to Sarah D. and William P. Croom, $435,000.

BRICE HOUSE CT., 11998-Tara K. and Douglas G. Brown to Alfredo Z. Rivera, $400,000.

BRICKERT PL., 3942-Kathryn M. Willis to Rebecca and Adam C. Ash, $389,900.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2908-Worto V. Collins and James G. Kennedy to Salaymatu M. Kamara and Menuna Kargbo, $338,000.

DARA DR., 12751-Christina K. Yoon to Jason C. Lee, $176,900.

DULCINEA PL., 12611-Sharon E. and Michael W. Whitlock to Esmeralda M. Mejia and Sandro G. Devigili, $350,000.

ESKEW CT., 3547-Narinder Kaur to Patricia Ravinski, $585,000.

FLINT HILL PL., 3408-Dennis Jay Kagle to Judith Saldana and Christopher Slusser, $415,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3240-Abbas Sadeghi to Ozra Hakim and Ahmad Karmand, $350,000.

FOREST HILL RD., 12395-Patricia W. Newman and H. Watkins Newman Sr. to Vicky Newman, $360,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12316-Denise M. Shifflett and Michael R. Gomez to Paul A. Lacrosse, $284,000.

HADDON LANE, 11947-Centex Homes to Alesia Beale and Eric T. Richardson, $952,175.

HADDON LANE, 11951-Centex Homes to Lewis O’Bryant and Carla Belenda Wells O’Bryant, $789,440.

JOHN HANCOCK CT., 12052-Joyce J. and William F. Osburn Jr. to Jeannette M. and Barry H. Shapiro, $540,000.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12540-Erminie E. and Constance G. Bellamy to Isadora and Douglas Rhea, $325,000.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12551-Kathleen D. and Steven S. Jenkins to Selamawit Tewolde, $314,500.

LIMOUX PL., 11803-Josiani S. and Jon I. Alvarenga to Meziane Hammiche, $405,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12433-Janet and Michael Livingston to Marilou and Ernesto Andrada, $367,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2072-Jack H. Mechanic to Jacquelyn Marie Piantek, $342,400.

OAKWOOD DR., 12212-Rebecca A. and David A. Exley to Sharon C. and Patrick S. McNeal, $490,000.

REESE CT., 12940-A. Williams to C. Cruz, $305,000.

SALEMTOWN DR., 12131-Natalie Y. Dorssett to Noel Ruddock, $314,000.

SILVIA LOOP, 12849-Amy and Randall Warlick to Jennifer and Joshua M. Smith, $320,000.

SMOKETOWN RD., 13000-Sandra L. and Kenneth C. Knuth to Elena B. and Gerald F. Nugent Jr., $594,950.

SPRINGWOODS DR., 12180-Aisha Malik to Faisal Aziz Malik, $320,000.

TIDESWELL MILL CT., 12282-Coventry Glen Corp. to Marshall Phillips III, $832,430.

TIDESWELL MILL CT., 12303-Coventry Glen Corp. to Adnan Mirza, $741,975.

TITANIA WAY, 12910, No. 78-Claire Hamilton to Doris, Elka and Victor Coronel, $389,900.

WYNDALE CT., 3330-Yaya Diamont to Maame Konadu and Kwame Kwarteng, $330,000.

Manassas AreaBANEBERRY CIR., 14025-Ridgedale Inc. to Sofia and Darko Grkovic, $813,204.

BANK BEAVER CT., 12032-Eric L. and Cathleen B. English to Darlene D. and Ronald R. Roberson, $799,000.

CALLAN DR., 7698-Thomas M. and Floda E. Dinser to Zahid M. Niazi and Abdul R. Ghuman, $230,000.

CAMFIELD CT., 11052, No. 6A-103-Alice J. and Wesley C. Hoskinson to Beatriz Basso, $185,000.

CHESHIRE RIDGE CIR., 9701-Johnny G. Stinson to Rhonda J. Thrope, $381,900.

CLIFTON ST., 8002-Vicente Velasquez to Benjamin Keith Phelps, $500,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8087-Maximo Merino and Jaime Joel Diaz to Ena Elizabeth Ardon and Heriberto Monterrosa, $322,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8277-Fauzia Shafik and Obaidullah Futuri to Wendy P. Sandoval and Marcello A. Hernandez, $279,000.

COPELAND DR., 10105-Jerrie W. Alexander to Francisca Portillo, $290,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9521-Wendy J. and Gary L. Funk to Antigua De Nunez and Maria Grisel, $405,000.

DEWARD CT., 7976-Jesus Chavarria to Enos Barrientos, $480,000.

ELSINORE DR., 7877-Jamie and Eric Bloom to Angela T. and Eric C. Sutton, $635,000.

GREGORY CT., 7806-Stacey A. and D.A. Robinson to Victoriano Albarracin, $450,000.

KESSLER PL., 11321-William Ceballos to Omar and Emma Martinez, $357,000.

KESSLER PL., 11329-Pritchett Real Estate Group Corp. to Sandra Garcia, $360,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9420-Vicente Pedrosa and Maria Ornelas to Marcelino B. Meza, $405,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9714-Larnie L. and Wilbur R. Painter to Amado Nolasco, $414,900.

LIGHT GUARD LOOP, 11120-Edward Balmore Rivas to Melvin Ivan Mejia, $360,000.

LIGHT GUARD LOOP, 11126-Nasser Goodarzian to Jose J. Alvarez Quinones, $365,000.

LONGTREE RD., 8080-Terri A. Solom and Gary Q. Solom to Dorothy D. and David W. Holmes, $475,000.

MEADOWGATE DR., 7880-Virginia E. and Franklin E. Senft to Flor E. Martinez and Roberto W. Gonzalez, $599,950.

MICHELLE CT., 7621-Lucilia M. Leal and Manuel F. Mota to Vicente Pedroza, $471,900.

NATICK DR., 13478-Christina Tates to Larissa T. and Carl L. Hitt Jr., $599,900.

ORONOCO LANE, 10513-Muriel L. Benedict and Jon B. Benedict to Maria P. and Donald M. Johnson, $345,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7653-Santos Martinez and Josefa Martinez to Omar A. Rodriguez, $297,000.

mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020

REBEL WALK DR., 7869-Francisco D. Castillo to Dilsa P. Valdez and Maria H. Lemus, $390,000.

RED WINE CT., 10618-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jose Anonio Baires, $513,103.

ROXBURY AVE., 7400-Diane K. Briscoe to Jose A. and Maria N. Calderon, $444,950.

SORREL RIVER WAY, 12009-U.S. Home Corp. to Mohd Masud, $420,309.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9815-Theresa A. Dott to Ana and Juan Rodriguez, $449,900.

THOMAS DR., 8513-Loi C. Wong and Hiu S. Wong to Magdalena L. and Jose G. Flores, $325,000.

TURKEY RUN CT., 6100-Connie L. and William H. Iler to Karen D. and Alexander G. Torres, $735,000.

WEDGEWOOD DR., 7602-Sonia and Celer E. Delgado to Oscar Sigfredo Bonilla, $300,000.

WILMINGTON ST., 10193-Ciro Moreno to Judith Celina Canas and Bonifacio Guzman, $285,000.

Manassas Park AreaCHADDS LANDING WAY, 7641-Elena Chivu and Ciprian Rau to Alba G. Alvarado and Delfidio Chavarria, $370,000. CHARDON CT., 7363-Belinda A. Cawley to Delmy Idalia Lopez and Oscar F. Paz, $395,000.

COLD HARBOR LOOP, 8581-Alice C. and Jose U. Salazar to Reina E. Rosales, $358,000.

COLD HARBOR LOOP, 8594-Maurice L. and Jennifer K. Frost to Prudential Relocation Inc., $358,000.

ESTEPPE DR., 10022-D.R. Horton Inc. to Richard Baldel, $549,970.

GLADE BANK DR., 8199-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Haritha and Sreekanth Bonthala, $419,900.

SIGNAL HILL RD., 7019-Michael William Casey to Heather H. and Steven M. Hewell, $367,500.

Nokesville AreaAQUA VIEW CT., 10228-Diana E. Rich and Franklin R. Rich to Cindy L. and David B. Gonzales, $549,000.

FLEETWOOD DR., 14190-Doris Jean Cornwell to Kathleen C. and David P. McFarland, $650,000.

Triangle AreaEXPEDITION DR., 3635-Konadu Antwi and Johnny Kwame Dwobeng to Mercedes Urbina and Francisco Caton, $630,000. LADY CATHERINE CIR., 3314-Brookfield Bolognese Corp. to Majid Hussain, $659,140.

LADY CATHERINE CIR., 3369-Brookfield Bolognese Corp. to Christina and Dennis Winner, $795,365.

MIATA LANE, 18907-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Faith M. Serrano and Manolet M. Mangilit, $541,662.

MIATA LANE, 18911-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Vanessa L. and Joseph D. Hicks, $566,131.

MIATA LANE, 18912-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Irfana R. and Syed A. Zaman, $623,204.

POTOMAC CREST DR., 19167-Brookfield Bolognese Corp. to Syed Hasan, $594,390.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3613-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Mian Tahira, $688,539.

Woodbridge AreaARUM PL., 15085-Hilaire Ntiganzwa to Jeffrey V. Yutuc, $305,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 445-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Nhung Kim Ngo, $630,165.

BELMONT BAY DR., 449-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Jenny J. Lee, $621,770.

BLUE POOL DR., 2502-R. Oaks Corp. to Sadia Ishaq and Shahnaz Rafique, $402,220.

BLUE POOL DR., 2510-R. Oaks Corp. to Alemneh Amare, $462,315.

BLUE POOL DR., 2518-R. Oaks Corp. to Jeremiah L. and Taria M. Gibbs, $410,000.

BLUE POOL DR., 2522-R. Oaks Corp. to Shaheda M. and Mohmedhanif H. Dakwala, $405,270.

BRAMBLEWOOD LANE, 16549-R. Oaks Corp. to Kamel M. Musah, $415,000.

CANADA GOOSE LOOP, 15945-NVR Inc. to Jennifer M. and Kim B. Patterson, $520,920.

COTTONWOOD CT., 1400-Vera Hall to Denise Robinson Holt, $275,000.

COTTONWOOD CT., 1418-Premier Advantage Property Management Corp. to Bertha M. Rios, $319,900.

CRONIN DR., 1274-Joseph Arcie Ramos to Marissa P. Gomez, $399,000.

CULPEPER DR., 2109-Carmen and Felix Merino to Fidel Blanco, $439,900.

CUTTER WAY, 16216-Engle Homes to Muhammad Khurram, $605,645.

FOREST GLEN RD., 13427-Cecilia K. and Albert G. Orren to Gavina Tavera, $360,000.

FOX RUN PL., 1214-Grace L. and Donald William Bassler to Randy S. Botelho, $327,000.

FRANKFURT CT., 3007-Sharon S. Lamadieu to Kwadwo Agyel, $405,000.

GATEHOUSE TERR., 15393-Kenneth Beckwitt to Navaneethakrishnan Balraj, $299,900.

GREENACRE DR., 13312-Alexei Akimov to Angel A. Henriquez, $360,000.

GREENDALE DR., 13830-Centex Homes to Michelle M. Miller, $372,894.

GREENDALE DR., 13882-Centex Homes to Adriana J. and Marcos Salazar, $520,805.

GREENDALE DR., 13890-Centex Homes to Linda Diane Latorre, $468,290.

GREENDALE DR., 13904-Centex Homes to Stacey D. Radcliffe, $521,795.

GRIST MILL TERR., 15294-Kristi A. Mathis and Danny E. Mathis to Suzanne M. McTighe, $325,000.

JENNINGS ST., 2149-Kornelia and Stephen S. Langa to Rosaly Carcamo and Milagro Mencia, $590,250.

KRAMER ESTATE DR., 16354-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Jennifer R. and Victor Patterson, $739,606.

KRAMER ESTATE DR., 16395-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Homaira and Mohammad Yurak, $786,231.

KRAMER ESTATE DR., 16403-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Hue Van and Phung Phan, $719,180.

LADUE CT., 1601-Teresa M. and Patrick M. Marley to Tana K. Beall, $297,900.

LONGVIEW DR., 2358-Judith D. Cecich to Nicolette S. Modaber, $300,000.

MIRANDA CT., 2604-Jana P. and Kaleo K. Kala to Rebecca D. and Keith D. Bundy, $335,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13401-Kimberly Darosa and William Cobb to Fiona M. Chhieng, $330,000.

PALERMO TERR., 15683-Karen Rahlf to Hamela A. and Scott M. Haggas, $385,000.

PHEASANT LANE, 2921-Lisa M. and Angelo E. Logan to Zoila Berta Navas Hernandez and Jose Diaz, $283,000.

PORT POTOMAC AVE., 2477-M-I Schottenstein Homes Inc. to Isagani R. and Erlinda O. Reyes, $667,418.

POSTILLION TERR., 15310-Heltzel Companies to Angela Gonzalez, $299,900.

RADBURN ST., 16147-Engle Homes to Nadia Dilshad, $556,952.

RADBURN ST., 16155-Engle Homes to Abdul S. Chaudhry, $547,204.

RADBURN ST., 16179-Engle Homes to Syed Hussain and Raashid M. Hashimi, $536,701.

SAXON ST., 1327-Gerald, Paul and Veronica L. Colfer, trustees, to James Micheal and Kristel K. Stephens, $275,000.

WAKEWATER WAY, 2756-Engle Homes to Kommaly K. and Hubert L. Beasley, $316,528.

WAKEWATER WAY, 2766-Engle Homes to Monisa and Kabir Amin, $354,395.

WAKEWATER WAY, 2836-Sorensen Construction Corp. to Jee Young and Han Chul Park, $406,780.

WATERMILL TERR., 15324-Tahmina Chowdhury and Khoshi Agah to Brasil Perez, $320,000.

WILLIAM BAYLISS CT., 15610-D.R. Horton Inc. to Robert Dieter Wittkowski, $513,550.

WINSLOW CT., 1967-Wesli E. Waggy and Robert S. Jensen to Jose D. and Yanci R. Diaz, $328,000.

WINSTON CT., 2748-Nana O. Sekyere to Nana Konduah and Hagen Dinah Wood, $375,000.

mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020

WINSTON LANE, 16801-Scottie Ray Wright to Sholonda Riddick, $382,500.

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mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
New Model and Performance
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
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mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
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mercedes yeni e serisi 2020
mercedes yeni e serisi 2020

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